Maintaining professional and responsible values is an integral part of our business

We uphold high standards across our entire business, not just in customer service. Our commitment in enforcing both corporate and industrial compliance policies ensure we abide by rules and regulations associated with every aspect of chemical distribution.

Responsible Care

Our involvement with the Chemical Business Association’s global initiative toward responsible care dates back to 1993 and has since then seen us receive an award for our efforts in our Responsible Care program, which is chaired by our Managing Director. This award recognizes our readiness to go beyond that which is required by basic compliance and health and safety regulations, reflects how we handle goods, look after our customers and work with principals to seek out sustainable solutions.

Responsible Care


We work closely with each of our principals to ensure that we meet REACH regulations, as set out by the European Union (No. 1907/2006) and UK REACH. With the information they have provided us with, we have created a database that allows us to respond to individual customer enquiries promptly and efficiently.

Certificates and policies

Here you will find copies of relevant compliance documentation.


Should you require any further information concerning any other compliance matters, please click below to submit an enquiry to our responsible care team.

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