Specialist Industries We Serve

WhitChem work closely with partners and principals to ensure customers have access to a broad range of complimentary products on offer from all over the world. We continually develop this range in keeping with current market trends and new innovative research, to ensure we satisfy the needs of the specialist industries we serve.

We are your one-stop-shop for resins/polymers, pigments, fillers, additives, textile processing and finishing chemicals and filter aids for a variety of applications such as production of paint formulations, construction materials, textile processing, production of rubber products and agrochemicals to name just a few. Search through our industries to explore our product offering:

Adhesives & Sealants
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A versatile range of polyisocyanates, polyols, 1K resins, foam control agents, fillers, synthetic rubber polymers & pigments, offer extensive opportunities for formulators to meet critical requirements of hot melt, solvent based, waterbased & reactive adhesives & sealants

Coatings & Inks
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From extremely durable coatings based on polyisocyanate & aspartic technology, through to nitrocellulose binders used in printing inks, and raw materials such as binders, extenders, pigments, defoamers, rheology modifiers & other additives for paint formulations

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Our pigments, extenders, rheology modifiers & additives are used to produce a variety of construction materials such as concrete, grouts, mortars, renders & plasters. High-performance flooring & roofing coatings are formulated with our high quality polyurethane raw materials

Engineering Materials
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Our temperature resistant materials for use in refractory & foundry applications include colloidal silica for fibre bonding, heat stable pigments, muscovite micas & phlogopite mica extenders. Lubrication oils & greases are formulated using castor oil derived corrosion inhibitors

Filtration & Life Sciences
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Both the filtration & life science sector utilise a number of products ranging from flocculation agents for beer clarification, to emulsifiers in agrochemical formulations, additives for animal feed, mineral filter aids for liquid filtration & pesticide carriers used in horticultural applications

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Several of our synthetic solution & emulsion polymers & pigments are used across the plastics industry in polymer modification, compounding & thermoplastic resins. Our mineral extenders are used extensively for impact strength, high gloss & anti-block properties in plastics & films

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From rubber seals to industrial rubber components, our range of synthetic emulsion polymers & heat/weather stable pigments are used across a broad range of rubber manufacturing industries. Our mineral extenders reinforce rubber compounds & improve dispersibility

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We provide textile processing chemicals covering all aspects of production from pre-treatment, dyeing & printing through to coating & finishing. Specialist areas of application include insect repellency, digital print, odour inhibitors, micro-encapsulated scents & skincare products