We offer quality products for a variety of applications for construction materials & coatings

Our products are used in a variety of construction materials including concrete, grouts, mortars, plasters where pigments, extenders, rheology modifiers & additives are used. High-performance flooring & roofing coating formulations include our polyurethane raw materials Some of our key suppliers include Castor, Covestro, Imerys, Lanxess and ShinEtsu Tylose.

Where are these products used?

Construction materials formulated and manufactured using our products covers a wide range of applications from self-levelling floor, damp-proof membranes, tile grouts, mortars, cement and concrete to high performance coatings, concrete polishing products and adhesive materials.

Meet our suppliers and the products we offer in this industry

Here you can find some examples of the suppliers we work with and the different types of raw materials we supply into construction applications. Delve deeper into each supplier for an insight into the type of products we have on offer.

  • Blackburn Chemicals

    Blackburn’s Dispelair® antifoams come in both powder and liquid form, suitable for use in the construction industry in flooring compounds and mortars.

  • Castor International

    Castor supply castor oil, castor oil derivatives and castor oil-based polyols such as Castor Polyol D-1150 and D-1145 which can be cured with isocyanates to formulate flooring products. These products achieve outstanding flow and levelling properties, water/acid resistance, good combination of both elasticity, hardness and adhesion

  • Covestro

    Covestro provide high-quality polyurethane raw materials for the formulation of extremely durable, attractive construction coatings with high performance properties. Such products are well known globally under the brand names Bayhydrol®, Bayhydur®, Desmocap®, Desmodur®, Desmophen® and Pergut® and can be used in construction coatings such as:

    •Polyurethane non-solvent, solvent-borne, or waterborne, one-component (1K) or two-component (2K) formulations for industrial and concrete flooring coatings

    •Moisture-cured coatings are available for projects with short completion times and high-performance expectations

    •Polyaspartic high performance fast set coating systems, with good light fastness, and little to virtually no VOC content for both pigmented and clear formulations

  • Dynasol Group

    Dynasol supply several synthetic solution polymers for use in construction such as asphalt modification and formulation of adhesives and sealants. Their range of solution polymers are known under the trade names Calprene™ SBS, Solprene™ SBS, Calprene™ SEBS and Solprene™ SSBR.

  • Imerys

    A wide range of ground calcium carbonate (GCC) products are available from Imerys for use in the construction and building industries are branded as PolCarb™, ImerSeal™ and ImerCarb™. Coarser grades are used in many construction applications due to low cost, whereas finer grades are used to provide value-added properties such as smoothness, high gloss appearance and impact resistance.

    Kaolins from Imerys are high quality minerals known as Speswhite™, Polwhite™, Hexafil™, Opacilite™, Polstar™ and Metastar™ and are used to enhance the performance of concrete products in the construction and building industry. Kaolins are also used to extend TiO2 components in formulations.

    Diatomaceous Earth and Perlite minerals from Imerys are branded under names such as OptiMat® and Europerl® for the construction sector, providing outstanding insulating characteristics, fire resistance and is light weight, it is widely used as loose-fill insulation in masonry construction and as an aggregate in concrete.

    Muscovite Mica® and Suzorite® minerals from Imerys are used in plasters and mortars, to improve mixing and troweling properties and flexibility of finished products. Ideal solutions for applications requiring reinforcement, structure-borne vibration damping and where greater resistance to moisture, heat, light or chemicals is required.

  • Lanxess

    Lanxess’s iron oxide and chromium oxide Bayferrox® and Colortherm® pigments are suitable for the colouration of a wide variety of products such as concrete elements and roofing tiles and are characterized by their outstanding lightfastness, weather stability and chemical resistance.

  • Nouryon

    Nouryon’s Levasil CB® grades of colloidal silica with minute particle sizes allow sealing grout to penetrate small capillary pores in concrete, ensuring surface resistance against water and other waterborne chemicals. These products provide increased early compressive strength, durability and performance of concrete, act as a densifier and increase abrasion resistance in concrete polishing, enhance anti-soiling of renders, provide superior pumpability and segregation control of cement levelling compounds.

  • ShinEtsu J-Poval

    ShinEtsu’s Polyvinyl alcohols are used in cement mortars and gypsum board as caking agents due to its strong adhesion to inorganic substances

  • ShinEtsu Tylose

    Shin-Etsu Tylose® cellulose ethers act in paints and building materials as a water retention agent, thickener, stabilizer, binder and dispersing agent. These rheology control agents are an essential component in both cement and gypsum-based building materials such as mortars, plasters and tile adhesives.

Technical Brochures and Downloads

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