Engineering Materials

We provide an extensive range of products for use in the Engineering Materials Sector

Our temperature resistant materials for use in refractory & foundry applications include colloidal silica for fibre bonding, heat stable pigments, muscovite micas & phlogopite mica extenders. Lubrication oils & greases are formulated using castor oil derived corrosion inhibitors. Some of our key suppliers include Imerys, Lanxess and Nouryon.

Where are these products used?

Within the Engineering Materials industry our products are used in several environments where high temperature and engineering obstacles must be carefully considered. Our inorganic pigments under the Colortherm brand have heightened heat stability making them an excellent choice for high temperature applications. Our colloidal silica is used as a high temperature binder for refractory fiber bonding applications where operating temperatures reach 1200 degrees with little shrinkage ad good resistance to thermal shock.

Supplier, areas of application, product usage and additional information

For additional product and application information, please consider navigating through out download page to find application brochures and utilize our product finder to locate specific grades.

  • Castor International

    Castor oils are used to formulate lubricating greases, drilling and cutting oils, racing oil (for two-stroke engines), transmission fluids, coolants, etc. for use in the metallurgy sector

  • Imerys

    Imerys range of Perlites are suitable for a variety of refractory applications

  • Lanxess

    Lanxess offer Bayoxide C GS a chrome oxide green pigment.

  • Nouryon

    Nouryon offer a wide range of colloidal silica suitable for a range of refractory applications

Technical Brochures and Downloads

For additional technical information please visit our dedicated downloads page to access our full library of technical information including industry specific applications, processing guidelines, formulation advice, product properties and characteristics, full product range overviews and much more!

For detailed product information please see brochures available from Dow Wolff.
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Key product groups


Additives (Binders, Performance enhancers, Rheology modifiers)


Colourants (Inorganic pigments)


Minerals (Extenders & Fillers)


Resins, Polymers & Hardeners (Corrosion inhibitors, Multifunctional products)

Key product groups