Filtration & Life Sciences

We offer a diverse range of products used in a multitude of speciality applications with filtration and life science

From mineral filter aids to additives for agrochemical formulations, we have a variety of specialist products that have been engineered and developed to meet the needs of customers within the filtration and life science industries. Some of our key suppliers include Imerys, Levaco and Nouryon.

Where are these products used?Meet our suppliers and the products we offer in this industry

Both the filtration & life science sector utilize a number of products ranging from flocculation agents for beer to agrochemical formulations, additives for animal feed, mineral filter aids for liquid filtration & pesticide carriers used in horticultural applications.

Meet our suppliers and the products we offer in this industry

Here you can find some examples of the suppliers we work with and the different types of raw materials we supply into filtration and life science applications. Delve deeper into each supplier for an insight into the type of products we have on offer.

  • Blackburn Chemicals

    Antifoaming agents are used in multiple industrial settings due to their versatility, such examples include effluent treatment in sewerage plants, fermentation systems, high temperature distillery processes and in the washing and processing of vegetables. Waste water streams from all kinds of production processes can be treated using such antifoams including plastic recycling.

  • DuPont

    DuPont Speciality Solutions division supply nitrocellulose grades that have been specifically designed to provide a key component of nail polish because of its mechanical resistance and fast-drying properties.

  • Imerys

    Imerys offer a wide range of engineered mineral products which, for example, can be used as a carrier for liquids such as fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. These minerals derived from diatomite (also called diatomaceous earth or D.E.) and expanded perlite can be used in liquid filtration. Celite® and Harborlite® filter aids are highly versatile and used in an array of industries due to their highly unique diatomic structures and low densities. Celite Cynergy® is a beer stabilizing filter aid which performs better than conventional DE and silica gels. CynerSorb® diatomite products are alternative filter aids to bleaching earth or acid activated cellulose, that break down soap molecules other polar impurities. Perlites from Imerys such as FibraCel™ are used as a plastics process aid, reducing die-head build up and improving production rates.

  • Levaco

    Levaco offer a wide range of additives and adjuvants for agrochemical formulations including anionic, cationic and non-ionic Lucramul® surfactants, silicon, mineral oil based and oil/silicone free Lucrafoam® defoamers and Lucrachem® polymeric antistatic agents

  • Nouryon

    Nouryon’s Levasil® BF grades of colloidal silicas are used as flocculation agents for wine and fruit juice, normally combined with gelatine and/or bentonite. Undesirable proteins, yeast particles and pectin are removed from the liquid by forming easily separated sediment, improving the taste, appearance and shelf life of the beverage

  • ShinEtsu

    ShinEtsu J-Poval provide polyvinyl alcohol grades provide strong adhesion to inorganic substances and therefore used as a pelletizing binders for agricultural chemicals

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