The Plastics sector is an established market for WhitChem, we offer several pigments, minerals, additives and resins used in the plastics sector

Several of our synthetic solution & emulsion polymers, mineral fillers & inorganic pigments are used across the plastics industry in areas such as polymer modification, compounding & thermoplastics. Our mineral extenders are used extensively for impact strength, high gloss & anti-block properties in plastics & films. Some of our key suppliers include Imerys, Dynasol, Lanxess and Levaco.

Where are these products used?

Areas of application for our products within the plastics industry include plastic thin films, cabling for electrical and mechanical insulation, plastic masterbatch processing and recyclable plastic production to name just a few.

Meet our suppliers and the products we offer in this industry

Here you can find some examples of the suppliers we work with and the different types of raw materials we supply into plastics manufacturing applications. Delve deeper into each supplier for an insight into the type of products we have on offer.

  • Blackburn Chemicals

    Blackburn have developed foam control agents specifically to deal with the requirements of plastic recycling processing

  • Covestro

    Covestro Baybond waterborne polyurethane dispersions are used as film formers in fiber sizing formulations for thermoplastic as well as thermoset composite materials.

  • Dynasol Group

    Dynasol supply several synthetic solution polymers for use in applications in the plastics industry such as polymer modification and compounding, and impact modification in polystyrene products and thermoplastic resins. Their range of solution polymers are known under the trade names Calprene™ SBS, Solprene™ SBS, Calprene™ SEBS and Solprene™ SSBR

  • Imerys

    A range of ground calcium carbonate (GCC) products from Imerys are branded as PolCarb™ and ImerCarb™ and are used in an array of plastic applications. Key features include high gloss, impact strength, opacity, limited plate out. Kaolin, calcined kaolin and calcined clays such as Devolite™, PoleStar™, Polwhite™ and Polsperse™ are also used extensively in this industry as anti-block and infrared barrier additives in plastic films.

  • Lanxess

    Lanxess’s iron oxide and chromium oxide Bayferrox® and Colortherm® inorganic pigments are REACH-certified and are suitable for the colouration of a wide variety of plastic products. Bayferrox® pigments are widely used in plastics and offer excellent light fastness and weather fastness properties. Colortherm® pigments in addition offer increased dispersibility and improved temperature stability

  • Levaco

    Levaco’s Lucramul® ethoxylated alcohol surfactants are used in the construction industry as polyurethane water-based rheology modifiers and wetting agents.

Technical Brochures and Downloads

For additional technical information please visit our dedicated downloads page to access our full library of technical information including industry specific applications, processing guidelines, formulation advice, product properties and characteristics, full product range overviews and much more!

For detailed product information please see brochures available from Dow Wolff.
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