WhitChem provide a comprehensive range of textile processing chemicals which continually changes with the rapidly developing textiles sector

We supply textile processing products to cover all aspects of textile production including flexible polyurethane coatings, binders, foam control agents, dye auxiliaries and additives. Some of our key suppliers include Covestro, Nouryon and Tanatex.

Where are these products used?

We provide textile processing chemicals covering all aspects of production from pre-treatment, dyeing & printing through to coating & finishing. Specialist areas of application include insect repellency, digital print, odour inhibitors, micro-encapsulated scents & skincare products

Meet our suppliers and the products we offer in this industry

Here you can find some examples of the suppliers we work with and the different types of raw materials we supply into Textile applications. Delve deeper into each supplier for an insight into the type of products we have on offer.

  • Covestro

    Covestro’s comprehensive portfolio of polyurethane binders for textile coating, provide functionality to materials used in outdoor wear, footwear uppers, garments, accessories, furniture and car upholstery. Their product ranges Impranil®, Imprafix® and Impraperm® bring remarkable appeal and comfort through an incredible combination of softness and durability. The waterborne coatings available lower impact on society and environment by enabling a more efficient textile manufacturing process and eliminate the need for solvents.

  • Nouryon

    Nouryon’s Levasil® colloidal silicas can be used as a key component in treatment formulations to help stabilize weave structure and improve seam slippage, as well as improve the dry hand and control fabric sheen.

  • Tanatex

    Tanatex develop innovative textile processing solutions with many types of products used in pre-treatment, printing, coating and finishing of textiles. Their state-of-the-art wet processing products continue to develop with the trends and demands in today’s technical textiles and carpet processing industries whilst supporting classical techniques too.

    As well as Tanatex’s classical products, additional concepts and products in their specialist areas include:

    Pre-treatment optical brightening agents

    Auxiliaries based on clay technology for discontinuous applications

    High elastic self-crosslinking polyurethane used to increase elasticity and wash-durability

    Permethrin based insect protection agent for outwear, sportswear, military applications on clothing and tents, curtains

    A combination of conventional textile printing auxiliaries and the latest inkjet preparation products such as and thickeners and migration inhibitors to enhance digital textile print results

    Microencapsulating scents, microencapsulating skincare products and multi-layer micellar skincare and thermo finishes

    • Odor control technology – Lava XL

    Used in bedding and clothing to combat body odors

    • Anti-microbials – Microban Silvershield® and Aegis®

    Products proven to be a safe and effective way to eliminate odour-causing bacteria

    • Qi-tex

    A textile finish that uses the ability to reflect far infrared rays to improve the body’s balance

Technical Brochures and Downloads

For additional technical information please visit our dedicated downloads page to access our full library of technical information including industry specific applications, processing guidelines, formulation advice, product properties and characteristics, full product range overviews and much more!

For detailed product information please see brochures available from Tanatex.
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Dedicated experts on hand to help you

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