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Castor have extensive knowledge and experience with the trade of castor oil and oil derivatives

Castor’s comprehensive product portfolio includes castor oil, hydrophobic polyols, moisture scavengers, rheological modifiers and molecular sieves.

Where can these castor oils and polyol products be used?

These products achieve outstanding flow and levelling properties, water/acid resistance, good combination of both elasticity, hardness and adhesion. Products such as Castor Polyol D-1150 can be cured with isocyanates for example to formulate flooring products in the construction sector.

Product trade names and descriptions

The below descriptions provide a general insight into our product range on offer from Castor International.

There may be a few exceptions where unique products don’t conform to the standard nomenclature, for accurate product information, please search for corresponding technical data sheets via our product finder.

  • Castor oil

    A variety of castor oil-based products are available including HCO, DCO, virgin castor oil, first press, low acid and low moisture varieties. These castor oils are extracted by mechanical pressing of the castor seed and are used across several industries

  • Castor polyol

    Solvent-free, medium viscosity polyol with ether & ester groups – Castor polyol D-1145 and D-1150 are used extensively in the adhesives, coatings and construction industries. These products can be cured with isocyanates for example to formulate flooring products in the construction sector

  • Castor thickener

    Available as pure castor thickener or as a blend, these products are used as a thixotropic agent in paints, printing inks and other coatings

  • Drying additive

    Drying additives 3A , 4A and 5A are based on zeolite-mineral and is available in powder and paste form for use in plastics, coatings and lacquers (moisture scavengers)

  • Rheological additive

    Organo-clay based products used in a wide range of waterborne formulations including household and industrial surface coatings, agrochem & horticultural products. They also prevents hard settling of pigments and fillers in oil-based paints, stains, alkyd enamels and primers, and epoxy systems

  • Other castor oil derivatives

    Please navigate through our product finder for additional castor oil derived products

Technical Brochures and Downloads

For additional technical information please visit our dedicated downloads page to access our full library of technical information including industry specific applications, processing guidelines, formulation advice, product properties and characteristics, full product range overviews and much more!

For detailed information on products and their applications please visit our dedicated brochures page.
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Key features


Specialist in castor oil, castor derivatives and chemicals


Broad range of raw materials for coating formulations, adhesives, food, feed and the chemical industry


Over 20 years of trading experience


Supplied in cans, drums and IBCs

Key features