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Imerys Carbonates is one the world’s largest producers of calcium carbonate minerals

Imerys Carbonates are one segment of the Imerys’ multi-mineral group. Extensive “know-how” of these minerals and applications allow us to offer combined minerals solutions to our customers. With expertise, creativity, and attentiveness to our customers’ needs, we continue to identify new applications and develop high value-added solutions under a determined approach to responsible development.

Where can these carbonates be used?

From ground calcium carbonate (GCC), to calcium citrate and quicklime – Imerys carbonates is a leading international supplier of high-performance minerals known as PolCarb™, ImerCarb™ and ImerSeal™, which act as extenders and functional fillers to the polymer, rubber and coatings markets. This is supported by an absolute commitment to quality, to ensure the consistency and reliability of their products and services. Its principal markets are plastics & film, rubber, paint & coatings, adhesives and sealants.

Product trade names and descriptions

The below descriptions provide a general insight into our product range on offer from Imerys.

There are a few exceptions where unique products don’t conform to the standard nomenclature, for accurate product information, please search for corresponding technical data sheets via our product finder.

  • ImerCarb

    Non-surface treated, high whiteness ground calcium carbonate derived from pure white marble

  • ImerGloss

    A high brightness surface treated, marble-based calcium carbonate used in high gloss PVC extrusions

  • ImerPrint

    Ultrafine particle size, high brightness, chalk-based calcium carbonate specifically developed for printing ink applications

  • ImerSeal

    Surface treated, high brightness ground calcium carbonate derived from marble that is specifically developed for sealant applications

  • ImeXtend

    Marble based calcium carbonate particularly well suited to extending TiO2 properties in domestic powder coatings

  • LiquiCarb

    Slurry of calcium carbonate based on fine particle size marble or chalk used in coatings and adhesives

  • PolCarb

    Standard grades and surface treated calcium carbonate derived from high quality chalk soured in the UK

  • SuperCoat

    High purity, fine, engineered calcium carbonate based on a marble feed for use in flexible plastic packaging films and white opaque BOPP

Technical Brochures and Downloads

For additional technical information please visit our dedicated downloads page to access our full library of technical information including industry specific applications, processing guidelines, formulation advice, product properties and characteristics, full product range overviews and much more!

For detailed information on products and their applications please visit our dedicated brochures page.
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Carbonate Solutions for Adhesives and Sealants


Carbonate Solutions for Ink


Carbonate Solutions for Paints & Coatings

Key features


Mineral extenders provide cost-effective formulations without compromising on product quality


Experts in mining, refining and precision processing of minerals to create products with carefully controlled specifications


Extensive knowledge of production applications and product range usage


Variety of calcium carbonate grades derived from chalk, limestone, marble and dolomitic deposits

Key features