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Imerys supply a range of minerals from natural mined products to high-performance specially engineered minerals

Imerys’ multi-mineral group, has extensive “know-how” of a range of minerals, allowing us robust capabilities to offer combined mineral solutions to our customers including Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin, Mica, engineered mineral products derived from Diatomaceous Earth and expanded Perlite. These minerals are mined from extensive, high quality, naturally occurring reserves and is processed to develop solutions that improve product performance and manufacturing efficiency in several industries. Imery’s absolute commitment to quality ensures consistency and reliability across their products and services for an array of applications.

Where can these minerals be used?

Calcium Carbonates are used as extenders and functional fillers in the plastics & film, rubber, adhesive and coatings markets. A wide range of engineered mineral products derived from Diatomite (also called Diatomaceous Earth or D.E.) and expanded Perlite are used in a host of applications due to their highly unique diatomic structures and low densities, including filtration for liquid/solid separation. Kaolin is used as a semi-reinforcing filler in a wide variety of rubber applications, it’s used to improve mechanical and electrical properties in cable insulation. In the plastics sector, kaolins are used extensively as anti-block and infrared barrier additives in plastic films. In coatings and inks a range of super-dispersible, calcined, FCC and hydrous kaolin minerals enable the modification of important paint properties such as whiteness, opacity, gloss, rheology, stability and stain resistance. As well as controlling paint quality and performance, these minerals can also deliver significant TiO2 savings through formulation extension. Imerys’ state-of-the-art technology centers harness the intrinsic properties of Muscovite and Phlogopite Mica’s to provide solutions for industries such as plastics, rubber, coatings and construction. Their range includes extenders and functional fillers which provide good barrier effects and rheology control in various applications such as plasters and mortars, to improve mixing and trowelling properties and flexibility of finished products in construction.

Product trade names and descriptions

The below descriptions provide a general insight into our product range on offer from Imerys.

There may be a few exceptions where unique products don’t conform to the standard nomenclature, for accurate product information, please search for corresponding technical data sheets via our product finder.

  • 100-K

    A dry ground muscovite mica which offers beneficial rheological properties and is chemically inert

  • AgriBind

    A naturally occurring alumino-silicate sold extensively into the animal feed industry to have a favourable effect on the welfare of animals

  • Argical

    Calcined kaolinitic clay that is obtaining by micronization for use in concretes, mortars and coatings

  • Argirec

    Dries and milled sedimentary kaolinite from the south west of France

  • Barrisurf

    Barrier kaolins have hyper-platey, nano-dimensional thickness crystals which create a tortuous coating structure that inherently resists penetration

  • C-3000

    This muscovite mica is a micronized product, providing reinforcement in applications where greater resistance to moisture, heat, light or chemicals is needed

  • Calflo

    High surface area, low density hydrous calcium silicate with very high liquid absorption capacity used as pesticide carriers, diluents, conditioning agent, ‘dry’ liquid concentrates, and anti-caking agents

  • Celite Cynergy

    A diatomite-based beer stabilising agent that performs better at both filtering and chill-proofing than conventional use of diatomaceous earth and silica gel

  • Celite

    Large range of diatomaceous earth products including natural, calcined and flux-calcined diatomite are used in several applications.

  • Clearlite

    Lamellar engineered perlite used as a premium functional extender for clear coats and wood finishes

  • CynerSorb

    Surface-engineered diatomite filter aid that gives it the necessary adsorption functionality to break down soap molecules other polar impurities. Alternative to using diatomaceous earth and a bleaching earth/activated cellulose

  • Devolite

    Specially designed pre-dispersed china clay with an alkaline pH, reducing the need for deflocculants

  • Diafil

    Specially formulated natural mineral additives with low crystalline silica content

  • Diature

    A natural diatomaceous earth animal feed additive

  • Europerl

    Expanded perlite filter aids

  • Fibra-Cel

    Cellulose based products ideal for rapid precoating, especially with old/damaged screens; offers a stable cake formation and drastically simplifies the precoat mixing

  • Harborlite

    Perlite filter aids available in several grades ideal for high solids filtration and for precoating large and difficult filters

  • Hexafil

    A secondary finer particle size ball clay, is pH controlled, low cost and provides more reinforcement than kaolin, used in the shoe soling and rubber floor mat industry

  • Hydrite

    A fine particle size, pH neutral hydrous kaolin with a medium binder demand suitable for solvent and water based coatings

  • Hyflo Super-Cel

    A medium to fine grade of calcined diatomaceous earth used in the brewing industry, and can be used to filter cider, wine, water, low viscosity glues, organic chemicals and pharmaceuticals

  • Hymod

    Providing excellent processability these ball clays are used in construction and rubber

  • Hyplas

    Providing excellent processability these ball clays are used in construction and rubber

  • Hywhite

    Providing excellent processability these ball clays are used in the rubber industry

  • ImerCarb

    Non-surface treated, high whiteness ground calcium carbonate derived from pure white marble

  • ImerGloss

    A high brightness surface treated, marble-based calcium carbonate used in high gloss PVC extrusions

  • ImerPrint

    Ultrafine particle size, high brightness, chalk-based calcium carbonate specifically developed for printing ink applications to extend TiO2 and maintain high gloss

  • ImerSeal

    Surface treated, high brightness ground calcium carbonate derived from marble that is specifically developed for sealant applications

  • ImeXtend

    Marble based calcium carbonate particularly well suited to extending TiO2 properties in domestic powder coatings

  • InFilm

    An ultrafine, selectively controlled calcined kaolin, giving excellent antiblocking properties

  • LiquiCarb

    Slurry of calcium carbonate based on fine particle size marble or chalk used in coatings and adhesives

  • Metastar

    Pozzolanic metakaolin, highly reactive material making it particularly suitable to enhance the performance properties of concrete products

  • Mica MKT

    Micronized mica developed specifically for paint and coating applications. It can also be used for polymers, plastering, cement rendering, fireproofing, foundry coatings and brake pads

  • Mica-MU

    A selection of dry ground, flaked or micronized Micas predominantly used in construction materials and coatings

  • Molochite

    Calcined kaolin used in investment casting, kiln furniture and general refractory industries (quartz, cristobalite and nodular iron free)

  • NeoGen

    An engineered calcined kaolin designed to provide excellent optical performance in flat/low sheen interior and exterior architectural coating applications

  • Opacilite

    High whiteness calcined kaolin produced by a special rapid heating process which creates a large number of tiny voids within the kaolin particles, resulting in a low specific gravity and outstanding opacifying properties

  • OptiGloss

    An ultrafine kaolin extender for decorative gloss paints

  • OpTiMat

    Specially formulated natural mineral additive used as a matting agent in paints and coatings

  • Polarite

    Calcined kaolin treated with a vinyl functional silane for use with polyamides, peroxides and other radical cross-linking systems

  • PolCarb

    Surface treated calcium carbonate derived from high quality chalk in the UK

  • Polsperse

    An ultrafine kaolin produced by a high intensity pulverisation process, specifically designed for use in solvent-based paints

  • Polstar

    A variety of dehydroxylated aluminium silicate grades produced by heating highly refined kaolins to high temperatures

  • Polwhite

    High quality, medium particle sized natural kaolins produced in the UK

  • Primisil

    Medium permeability filter aid, flux calcined diatomaceous earth for filtration of animal fats, cutting oils, dry cleaning solvents, vegetable oils, lacquers and liquid soaps

  • Snow Floss

    Natural diatomaceous earth used for the flatting of paints and coatings, and for buffing and polishing

  • Speswhite

    Highly refined kaolin of ultrafine particle size and high brightness produced in the UK

  • Standard Super-Cel

    A medium to fine product for the filtration of most process streams including ciders, water, low viscosity glues, and organic chemicals

  • Stockalite

    Specially designed pre-dispersed china clay with an alkaline pH, reducing the need for deflocculants

  • Super Floss

    Flux calcined diatomaceous earth with can be used as a highly absorptive filler for improving printing, as well as having amazing characteristics as a chemical catalyst support and anti-blocking agent in polyethylene production

  • SuperCoat

    High purity, fine, engineered calcium carbonate based on a marble feed for use in flexible plastic packaging films and white opaque BOPP

  • Supreme

    Highly refined kaolin of ultrafine particle size and high brightness produced in the UK

  • Suzorite

    Phlogopite used for structural vibration damping, improved mechanical properties and GF replacement

  • WG

    Wet ground (WG) muscovite mica used in construction materials and coating applications

Technical Brochures and Downloads

For additional technical information please visit our dedicated downloads page to access our full library of technical information including industry specific applications, processing guidelines, formulation advice, product properties and characteristics, full product range overviews and much more!

For detailed information on products and their applications please visit our dedicated brochures page.
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